Hi. The erstwhile hiatus is over, but chaos still reigns. Moving is serious business. Moving a business is a serious disaster, even when you are not 76. I have done it several times before and it is never easy, and like strategies for battle, moving plans never work out the way they are intended. For instance, I had intended to re-catalog all the 6000 titles we were keeping starting the day after we closed the barn, a little bit at a time. We finally got to it New Year’s Eve. I am not looking hopefully at June to complete the task. We’ll see.

In the meantime, there’ll be more and more titles available every day, in all categories. If you see something you would like, you can order it through our shop or through Biblio, AbeBooks, Alibris or, for some more recent titles, Amazon. Write us if you have any questions. Unlike the orations in the shop, I will keep my answers short (or shorter anyway).